We’ve had our TV room in the basement for years now. I’m not even sure how long… maybe four or five years? I was complaining, once, that our house was too small. So my husband decided that we can open up the basement and put the TV down there and then have the upstairs as just a.. well, I’m not sure as what. LOL.

Levi is having a harder and harder time of going up stairs, so today we finally moved the TV upstairs. Looking at my pictures, we were upstairs in Dec of 2005, and then downstairs in Jan of 2006… so yup, it’s been about 5 years. Wow, too weird.

Anyway, here’s some pictures of our upstairs before and after the TV. It’s a 42″ Vizio plasma. We got it probably in November of 2005ish. Or maybe it was 2006. Yeah, I’m still in past mode lately, all still sad that Lucy has died, and living in the past and all my memories. Ugh. But anyway, I’m glad I have pictures, or I wouldn’t remember when a darn thing happened.

Here are some more pictures of the upstairs, new and improved… well, not really. LOL.

With the TV

Unfortunately, we don’t want to move the couch upstairs… so we’ll have to see if the chair will be enough to keep us comfortable.

Tatum under the TV

I am thinking maybe the dogs can all learn to lay on the floor, but my husband thinks I’m dreaming. LOL

The Chair