Jet at Camp

Yup, we finally did it. Jet got his first official Double Q in AKC agility today! I’m thrilled. He didn’t Q in either JWW or Standard yesterday, but today he did, and I was excited! Not only is it his first Double Q, it’s also mine! In 8 years of doing agility, I’ve never gotten a Double Q on a dog in Excellent B. An official Double Q that counts towards a MACH. Woo HOo!

And no, I don’t have any video… I am getting kinda tired of feeling like I’m begging people to video. So I decided to just run this weekend and have fun and not worry about it. I figure I can’t get video of every single one of his runs anyway… so we are just going out and doing our agility and having fun. Jet is an amazing little Danish-Swedish Farmdog, and doing awesome at agility.

Tonight I rest, maybe look up a life insurance quote since we are looking at changing, and watching TV. Unfortunately my Interstitial Cystitis flared up today, and I felt rotten. I haven’t had a flare for about 8 months, I’d forgotten how absolutely horrible they are. I amaze myself that I can function with so much pain sometimes.

One more day tomorrow. We are having fun running Time 2 Beat, too. Picked up 20 points for that title this weekend. 🙂