At CampW
Yesterday the dogs were running out the back door and Chase bumped into Levi, and Levi went down. He couldn’t get up on his own so I lifted him up. Unfortunately, since then, he’s been in pain again. Walking with a bit of a roach back and very tentatively. I don’t want to keep putting him on prednisone. But I did give him some of the trazadone today to help him feel better. It’s time to really get serious about this. He’s already on Glucosamine, but I’m going to call Cottonwood Vets and ask them about Adequan, as Dr. Hennemen said that it could help him. I’ve also ordered some Duralactin for him.

I’m also going to look into getting him acupuncture on a regular basis. Unfortunately my schedule is really messy right now, since we are transitioning to five day work weeks, but at the same time I have time off the next couple of weekends because of flyball and then agility. But I’m going to make the time for my Levi, as he means the world to me and I want to give him everything I possibly can to make him feel better.

Levi did so good at camp… but really he is fine, if he’s not pushed over, if his back isn’t twisted. That’s where his pain comes from. The arthritic bridge in his spine. He’s my heart and soul, this boy. I wish he could live as long as me. He’ll be twelve in just under a month. He still has to have some good years ahead of him. I’m thinking of looking into Reiki as well.

Maybe the cooler weather will help him, maybe it will hurt him, I’m not sure. My boy… I want him to get better. Even though I realize he is on the downward slide of his life now. 🙁