Kromfohrländer in the USA

Maze the Kromfohrländer
Maze the Kromfohrländer

I had an opportunity recently that I just could not pass by. I’ve named him Maze and he’s a Kromfohrländer who was born in Denmark. He is absolutely adorable!

I was surfing the web and I found this medium sized breed that sounded like they would really fit my personality. After talking with Mary from the Kromfohrländer Club of America, who told me that she was bringing three puppies from Denmark soon, what could I do? I could not resist. So on November 14, 2014, Maze joined our family.

Maze with Connor
Maze with Connor

I want to Ann Arbor Michigan to pick him up. And he is adorable. The Kromfohrländer are a non-sporting breed, which is unusual for me. They were bred to be companions. Usually I like a working breed, mainly the herding breeds, but the Kromi’s excel at agility! If you do a search for Kromfohrländer Agility on YouTube, you’ll find a ton of great Kromi’s doing agility. And Agility is still my main sport, even while I’m dabbling in some others as well.

Maze is a wonderful puppy. He is learning to sit and down. He’s already offing a sit even after only two training sessions. He does seem like he has more spunk, more attitude, than my Danish-Swedish Farmdogs. I do love the sweetness and the softness of the Farmdogs. I really don’t know what to expect with Maze, so hopefully I’ll blog about our training adventures. I’d like to start to blog more again. I need to clean up this darn blog and blog more about my dog adventures.

They were a breed discovered during World War II in Germany. The first was found by American soldiers and the breed got started with an oops breeding at Ilsa Schleifenbaum’s place in Seigen Germany. All the pups looked like the ‘Original’ Peter. And then he was bred to a few other dogs, and they looked like him, too. 10 years later, FCI said ‘yep. It’s a breed’ They come from Fox Terriers, and perhaps Grand Basset Griffon Vindeen. However, their ancestry isn’t really known. Visit The Kromi Club Website for some more history of the breed.

Maze is really fun to train so far. I was trying to get him to go in and out of the dog door, and he didn’t really like that very much. So for a while he stood outside on the patio like he was saying “Fine, I just won’t come in!”. 🙂 But I coaxed him in with some yummy freeze dried liver treats.  He does like to play tug with my hair when he’s sitting behind me on the dog shelf.  🙂  He loves to play, and he’s already playing little tug games with me. He doesn’t really like his eyes or mouth messed with, so I’ll be teaching him the ‘chin’ cue so he’ll just place his chin in my hand. Then from there I can teach him other things like letting me see his teeth and clean his eyes.  He settles down to sleep very, very well. He’s not one of those dogs that needs to be crated to calm down. He’ll play for a while, and when he’s tired, he’ll snuggle on the couch with me for a nice nap.

So it will be a fun adventure to see how Maze grows up and learns lots of new things!

At the Vet
At the Vet



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  1. He is so adorable, hope you post,lots of videos and pictures as he grows. How could you have resisted, if I’d seen him available I would have scooped him up too!

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