About Tip Tail and Cynthia Blue

Tip Tail started out as a generic blog where I would just post my ramblings. I few years ago I decided that it should focus entirely on dogs, and not so much on my ramblings. So I started Luna Tail (which was closed in 2012), which was my companion blog. You may find ads in old posts, and the money these ads generate go to support my dog habit. So we appreciate your patience with the ads!

This site is dedicated to the training and behavior of my dogs. These dogs do agility, obedience, and some flyball, and any other sports we can fit in… go for walks, and get the best medical care they can. I consider myself their guardian, not their owner, as I believe all animals, human and non, have the same value on this earth.

A little bit about me, Cynthia ———-
I was born in Chicago, Illinois, way back in the 60’s. Late 60’s mind, but the 60’s nonetheless. I lived there until I was 7 years old, when my parents whisked my sister and I away clear across the country, to Salt Lake City, Utah. I’ve lived in SLC since then. Utah is a very beautiful State. I enjoy camping and hiking in the outdoors. I love taking the dogs with, and spending time outside in the summer. The winters are a bit cold for me anymore, but I like the long dark nights. I can light a bunch of candles and snuggle into some warm blankets.

I have five dogs and one cat. The dogs are my passion and I love doing agility, obedience and flyball. 

I have one husband, and he is an amazingly wonderful man and we are happily married. I am proud to say. In the world of unhappy relationships, it’s great to be with someone I get along with so well. Sure, we have a spat a time or two, but we work it out.

We live in a little brick rambler, and on weekends in the summer you might find us camping in our Rockwood popup trailer.

Here in Utah I am considered a ‘Flaming Liberal’. Which is definitely the minority around here. I believe in gay rights/marriage, I’m pro-choice, vegetarian, and definitely democrat. 🙂

So that’s just a tiny bit about me!

— Updated December 2012