Home Again

I am back from Idaho. I am dead tired. Levi was so tired on the drive home… he hogs the back seat of the car and Chase only gets a little part. 🙂 He is so goofy. Levi’s head was on Chase’s bum, and Levi’s mouth was hanging open and his legs all splayed out. I thought he might be dead LOL. So I pushed at him and he was fine.

He did great today. He popped his weaves on his 2nd run (std). And on his jumpers run he went to see what the chute was, as it was blowing like 30 mpg all morning. Ugh. It was nasty. So we only got the one Q. But hey, it’s a Q we wouldn’t have had if we hadn’t have gone. I was hoping for more, but Levi did a good job.

I’m tired, will probably blog more tomorrow. 😉

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