Chase looking for the Squirrel

Chase And here is Chase looking for the same Squirrel Levi looked for earlier. He was a mad dog about the Squirrels. He would hunch over at the door, ready to run outside, and then he’d head right for the tree. The dork.

And he was quite successful in chasing them away! Oh, and at my friend’s house in Richfield, Chase really wanted to get the groundhogs. Man he dug a fairly good sized hole trying to get after one of them.

Chase did pretty good in agility, too. No Qs, he wanted to go through too many tunnels. We do have to work on that tunnel sucking again, the dork. But he flowed very nicely most of the time, and would have gotten his first Excellent Standard Q, but he knocked a bar!

I really, really really want to move to a more rural area. We are thinking about the Richfield, Utah area. Yup yup.. I should post more about that, too… I will in a bit!

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