Levi in Obedience


Levi is such a good boy! He didn’t weave again today doing agility… which means I’m going to pull him and work weaves for a while. I won’t trial him again in agility probably until September, or maybe even later than that. We’ll have to see.

But in Obedience he did good! He got 2nd place. This is his Novice B Obedience run.

He got a 175. My friend said that the judge was really hard, and Levi did good anyway. That’s okay.. 200 is a perfect score, 170 is needed to qualify. Levi didn’t sit on all his halts, which knocked a bunch of points off. We have to work on that!

It’s his first leg towards his CD in AKC. My sweet collie boy is doing well in obedience!

Now maybe if we had a bus for sale and headed up to the trials we could get better gas mileage!

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  1. Hi Hershey… thanks for your comment. Levi is a good boy and I’ve been working with him for years!

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