Thinking of Closing Collie Rescue

As you may or may not know, I started Utah Collie Rescue, Inc., at the beginning of 2007. I have been doing dog rescue for about 10 years, probably more like 11 or 12. I’ve mainly been fostering, I love to foster and help out the dogs that need a place to stay until they get their forever home.

Well, with the return of Muffit and the addition of Tatum to our pack, we now have six dogs. And so our days of fostering are over. Well.. if not over, at least we won’t be able to take any more fosters until our pack gets smaller. Which means when a couple of our dogs die.

And… really, I’m actually quite done with fostering. I am tired of seeing the poor dogs come into our house and being so needed, underweight, broken, and sad.

So without being able to take fosters, I’m not sure what we can do. We have not foster homes that work with Utah Collie Rescue, and so we really can’t take any collies at this time.

I’m not sure if I should close down UCR completely, or let the bank accounts hand around if they are needed? Hrm. Stress… I feel bad, but I do have to accept our limits.

Wild Dogs

Having this young girl in our house, Tatum (I can’t say enough good things about her), really hits home about how wild young puppies are. Wolves and dogs alike. I have watched the nature shows, but never really related it to my own dogs until now. Now that I’m more calm and relaxed and can observe without the clutter of so much anxiety.

Everything goes in Tatum’s mouth. In the wild this would not only be normal, it would be necessary for survival. She is curious about everything and checks everything out. She’s already destroyed one of our couch cover bed sheets (they were fairly cheap, and really that’s why we get them cheap because of the dogs) and the pushes things around with her nose and grabs onto everything she can.

In the wild this would be a part of her learning experiences. So why not harness this wonderful gift and channel it into things we can both be proud of in this human world we are living in? Like maybe picking up and putting away toys. I want her to always have positive experiences with everything. (yeah sounds more and more like I’m keeping her, huh. 😉 ).

If we had a Chrysler, she’d even chew up the Chrysler 300 accessories. She hasn’t chewed up my car yet, but I haven’t left her alone in it yet, either.


Well, the family interested in Sammy has him tonight. Stressed me out. Placing dogs is the hardest part of rescue. Very nice family, I just hope that their other dog will accept Sammy. They seem like they are willing to work with them.

Sammy is a good boy and gets along with other dogs. I screwed up and introduced them too fast. Entirely my fault. My brain is still mush from the trial. I guess we all make mistakes. Though I do think dogs can get around that with time and work.

So now I’m stressed and have to go utilize Luna Tail, my anxiety blog, to work out my emotions about it all. :p

Rest Day

This afternoon is a day of rest. *sigh* I’m tired. I had a birthday party yesterday. Weirdest thing. Lots of people came. Dog friends, work friends, and family. I was so stressed afterwards. But now I’m better. Being the center of attention is not my favorite thing.

And one of my friends, coming from an agility trial, brought her dogs. Raygen is the sweetest cattle dog ever. Not heard of a sweet cattle dog? Well, he is. He’s mostly white with some red mottling. Very cute. And she’s clicker trained him to sneeze on cue. It’s the cutest darn thing. She captured it with the clicker. She’s awesome at clicker training.

So it was a fun party. It’s dinner time for the dogs now, Lucy is bringing me toys, means she really wants to eat!

I Need Another Blog

Okay… I’ve finally admitted it to myself. I need another blog. LOL. Scary, huh, to need another blog? I think I need one that is more personally oriented, and to keep this one more about dogs, dog training, and dog rescue. Then the dog readers won’t be bogged down with my personal stuff they don’t really care about.

Maybe I’ll make it more anxiety/life related. Hrm.. that might actually be a really good idea.

So, now to think of a good domain name and get it fixed up….