Coats in the Park

The Park
Well, there’s not much going on! 🙂 So I haven’t been blogging much lately. In about three weeks Jet and I have an AKC agility trial. That’ll be fun. I hope we remember how to do it! I haven’t done agility much. Just been working, covering shifts for coworkers who have too much leave and have to use it, or lose it. Me, I use mine during the rest of the year and so I don’t have much left. It’s okay, it’s really quiet during the holidays so that’s nice.

Levi, Chase and Jet have been doing more Cyber Rally. Levi got his first Q. Though every day I worry he’s just getting worse and worse, older and older. This park trip was a lot for him. I feel bad that he’s still not back to how he was before that darn party. Maybe he never will be. Breaks my heart.

Chase got his second Cyber Rally Q, and Jet got his third, for a title. It’s been fun, and with the lack of snow and the weather in the 50s here in Utah, we’ve been able to get outside, which is nice.

I’ve been staying indoors a lot, though. Maybe I should look for some Sous Chef Jobs for something to do inside. But instead I sit on the chairs and watch TV or read. I do like to take it easy.

Cyber Rally-O

So this is pretty cool… Cyber Rally! I know there is also Cyber Agility, but I have not done it. I don’t really have a good place to set up an agility course, and I’m lazy, but Rally, now that’s something I can do.

I registered up Jet, Tatum and Chase with Cyber Rally-O, you can check out their website: Cyber Rally-O Website. And they also have a Yahoo Group that I’ve joined, though I’ve gone Digest because I don’t keep up well with email lists.

The above video is Jet’s first Q. Woot! Three Qs for a title. I’ll need to pick some other courses and get them done, too. There are a couple of indoor training places here that I can rent and set them up. Nutshell: you set up the course and video and submit the entry. They tell you if you Q or not.

Some people may poo-poo it, saying well you can use treats and practice as much as you want before hand. But really, so what? I’ve always wanted do overs. 🙂 And you still have to train everything first anyway. The dogs have to know how to heel and do all the exercises. You can’t lure them through with treats (that’s an NQ). And yes you can treat in stationary exercises. And if you have a reactive or shy dog that doesn’t do well at trials, this is awesome. Like I said, you still have to train for it, so I think it’s pretty cool.

Levi got his ASCA RN

I’m very proud of my 11 year old boy,  Levi.  When I ran him through this Rally course, I thought he was being goofy. But as usual, the video always looks better to me than it feels.

I think he really was watching me a lot! I’m so proud of him. He got 3 Rally Novice Legs in ASCA for his ASCA-RN. He’s a good old boy. He had fun going out with his mom and working again. And he’s also liking the K9 Nose Work too. I think it’s perked him up a bit. I wonder if he’s been a bit depressed since he hasn’t been able to go out much. But lately he’s gone out quite a bit!

I should make up some holiday cards with my Levi on them. He is such a very handsome boy!


Tatum Did More Rally

Silly Tatum
Silly Tatum

Tatum is such a goof. This is a picture of her squeezing her body into the Jet sized bed. 🙂 We have this bed right by the heater vent. Jet loves it in the winter. And, apparently, so does Tatum. 🙂 Levi and Tatum are always trying to squish themselves into small beds.

Anyway Tatum did ASCA Rally last Saturday. She did good! I’ll get some video up soon. I don’t have the time at the moment… I just wanted to say that she did good. She qualified on Saturday in the first Rally trial (there were two on the same day) with a 175. She just squeaked by! But figuring I don’t really work with her, I think she did good. She did all her sits and downs and followed me around the ring so that’s good. She didn’t get to wear any prom dresses though… lol. But she looked fancy in her sparkly chain martingale collar and she was happy. And happy is what matters most!

Tatum Tot Spice RN

Tatum Tot Spice RN

I am so proud of my smooth collie girl! Tatum got her very first title ever this weekend. I’ll upload the videos in a bit. Here is a picture of her with all her ribbons. She Qualified every day in Rally. On Friday she got a 91, on Saturday she got an 89, and today she got a 95! She even tied for second place with our friend Dare! Tatum was slower so she got third place, but the fact that she even placed thrilled me.

She’s come a long way my little girl, from being terrified of leaving the house, to having her first Rally title. She even loosened up and was more relaxed each day we were there. She is like that… she gets nervous at new places, but the more she goes to a place the more she relaxed.

I even watched one of the new AKC classes called Beginning Novice. It was really neat, and I think Tatum should enter that sometime too. It’s a titling class. I’ll have to read about it too. I am going to work Tatum’s heeling so she gets the idea to have a target and watch me more. I think she really will be able to heel.

I adore Tatum, and I’m so proud of her.