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Music for Agility

Agility Trial
Agility Trial
Some people like to listen to music on their headphones when they are walking the agility course. I haven’t done this, but sometimes I think it might be a good idea. I may feel kinda rude walking around with ear phones in and forcing people to ignore me… but then again, if someone else has them in, I never feel like they are rude. I’m just a dork that way. 🙂

I haven’t seen anyone yet with a fender american special telecaster guitar at an agility trial, though. 🙂 But you never know. Actually some people get picky about having music play at trials. Some people don’t really like it. And I guess it’s probably most polite to let people have their own personal music in their ears, then making everyone listen to music they may not like. But either way is fine with me, really.

I have an ASCA agility trial this weekend. Jet is entered both days in everything. Tatum is entered just on Sunday in a couple of runs. And Chase… strangely enough, is entered on Saturday. I’ve been feeling guilty that he hasn’t been doing anything other than obedience lately. So we are going just for fun. He doesn’t understand a Q anyway, he just understands fun.


Don’t Hate Me Because I Q

Usually the saying is Don’t Hate Be Because I’m Beautiful… but I really don’t know how well that applies to me. Probably not much. It applies to Jet, though, but then again he’s kinda more cute than beautiful. But anyway, I had a blast at agility last weekend. It was 3 days. The first day I crashed and burned. Got lost on the standard course. Didn’t pull Jet around to where I should have so he took a couple of off courses. But he was great. He did miss his weave entry but I just didn’t set it up right. So it was my fault. He also popped his weaves in that first standard run but he was off because he entered wrong. On the JWW course he also popped his weaves so no Q there either. And of course I tend to get nervous since Levi had such nasty weave problems his whole career.

But Saturday we kicked it into gear and kicked but and got Jet’s 4th Double Q. He also Qualified in Time to Beat which was fun. Sunday again we had a blast and got Jet’s Fifth QQ. And isn’t QQ just fun as heck to type! I think so! 🙂 QQ QQ QQ QQ QQ… Hey I can do that, it’s the first QQs, I’ve ever had IN MY LIFE after 8 years of agility so *happy dances*.

Jet’s first agility trial was February 2011. So to start in Novice then and come out 365 days later with Five Double Qs and 114 Speed Points, I just cannot be happier!

Here’s some of his runs.

I didn’t get them all on video but that’s okay. Getting any at all is just fun. I just adore running him, Q or no Q. He’s not super fast, he took 4th place 3 out of the 4 runs… took 1st place only one run where the super fast dogs didn’t Q. But that’s fine with me. I am not into placements, I’m into QQs!

Here’s one of Tatum’s runs. She did great in her JWW run but this Standard run she kinda pooped out again. She was only entered on Saturday.

Dang now back to work. And it appears theme on my blog broke so I had to rebuild it a little bit but I don’t have time to find a new theme right now, so just doing with this old one for a bit. Maybe to fix my darn blog I need some web conferencing services or something. Dangit I hate it when I log in and it’s just a blank screen. Don’t do that to me!


I Don’t Get Agility Seminars

Jet and Chase
A while ago I posted that I went to a . And, well, I just have to post about me and agility seminars.

The format was okay, much like the Stacy Perdout-Goudy workshops I’ve been to here. She set up little course sequences then we all ran them and she’d tell us what she liked and didn’t like and gave us ideas to handle things differently.

For me and Jet, mostly she just told me to run with him more. Probably to speed him up. He’s not a speedy dog, because I didn’t train him to be fast. I trained him to be consistent, and getting 3DQs is first year of competition… I think we have the consistency I wanted.

So we went and we did what she said and we ran the courses, and I just wasn’t really that impressed. I think these types of seminars are more geared toward the fast border collies and other dogs that need some help. Me… I just can’t see the fraction of a second difference that it takes in cues to get a dog to go over an obstacle. I never could. That’s probably why I always had so much trouble running Chase, my border collie. I used to want speed… if you read back on this blog, there are many posts from 2004 and so that I said I wanted speed. But, I learned my lesson, because I know that I don’t have the timing for it, and so I no longer want speed. I want consistency and accuracy and that is what gets Qs.

So anyway, I think I’m not going to go to agility seminars anymore. For some reason obedience seminars make more sense to me. I can understand the training philosophy and see the differences in technique. And I prefer places with pa electricity that have heat. I’m tired of sitting in the cold all day watching agility seminars. Give me a comfy chair and a warm spot and I’m much more happy!


Going to Daisy Peel

Jet Flyball
Even though this is Jet’s flyball picture, we are going to an Agility seminar this weekend. Daisy Peel. Do you know her? I hear she’s really good, she follows Linda Mecklenburg’s training plans. So we are going to try her out.

I’m not a big seminar person. I don’t like them much… sitting around listening to different types of training that I may never actually do. But when Jet was having a bad weekend last June, I kinda panicked, and signed up for this seminar. After that trial, he started doing really well and now I’m not sure I’ll really get much out of it. And it’s supposed to snow tomorrow, and be cold, and it’s a 45 minute drive. UGH. I hope Jet’s not too cold, I’ll bring his coats and warm bed for his crate, but still I’ll worry. I don’t think I’ll be wearing yellow box sandals this weekend, I’m going to have 20 layers of clothes on!

So, if I have time, I’ll post about the seminar this weekend. Or next week, or whenever I can. 🙂


The What Behind Obedience


Since I’ve been thinking about obedience a lot lately… I’ve realized there is a lot more to it than just training the exercises. The exercises themselves are really not all that difficult… some are more so than others. Go outs are tougher. Articles are tricky. Drops on Recalls as opposed to flat recalls are an issue. But seriously, teaching a dog to do all the exercises isn’t really all that difficult.

The difficulty rests in getting good, happy, motivated work out of a dog while doing so much obedience. Worry and anxiety can set into any dog in the obedience ring easily. It sure sets into us people often enough! Getting a good foundation of attention work is really important, too. I think I didn’t do that enough with Jet when he was a puppy. Not in a happy fun way where he chooses to be with me, rather than doing something else.

So I’m learning. It’s weird. But I’m just starting to understand about the What that’s behind obedience that I didn’t understand before now. But then I didn’t have a soft, sweet dog that I wanted to go far with. I understand how some people just want the natural obedience breeds such as Border Collies or Goldens. I don’t really want anymore BCs, I like my collies and Farmdog the best. And so I’m learning how to motivate them to work, even with stress and lack of treats in the ring.

Maybe it there were some scorpion helmets sitting in the ring to shake things up, that’d be interesting! LOL