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Back Again

Well, I’m finally healthy enough to be back at work again. I actually enjoyed being sick these last four or so days. I hate being sick at work, feeling awful, needing to think… so I stayed home and just enjoyed myself. Being sick was actually rather a pleasant feeling. I could sit in my PJs all day long, knit, listen to Harry Potter on CD and watch the movies. I listened the the whole first book on Thursday. Then Friday I watched movie 1 and movie 2. Then on Saturday I watched movie 2 and movie 3. LOL.

I would have been bored silly without HP.

I finished my sweater:

Which was fun. I had such a great time doing decreases that I started a Hermione Bobble hat, which is proving challenging. But fun. I’m also working on a Hufflepuff dog scarf. I finished the Gryffindor dog scarf.

I do so love to knit. Who woulda guessed?

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Blog Explosion

Okay, I signed up this wee little blog on We’ll see how that goes. Since this is still new, there’s not much on it yet. I do hope to import all my dog agility training entries from Eventually. Perhaps this coming weekend. This is ending up being a quite fun thing!

Also, it appears Firefox has a built in RSS reader. And so I can just bookmark the sites I want to, and it shows up. Very nifty. I’ll see how that works. Though receiving RSS feeds as email in Thunderbird might be more my style. I’ll have to see how all that goes.

Anywhoo, I was pretty busy today, so not much blogging going on. 😉

And.. hrm, I need to learn what trackbacks are.

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RSS Feeds

Okay, so now I need to learn all about RSS and how it works. I don’t have an RSS reader… I wonder if there is one that goes along with Firefox or Thunderbird. Seems like it’d work best through a browser, or even better through a mail client. I’ll have to go check it out.

Since now this site is set up through feedburner (link in right menu). I gotta subscribe to my own blog! LOL. And to Energy Paws blog as well. 😉

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Agility Class Last Night

Our new goal in agility is… SPEED!

NADAC is a very fast venue, and Levi is… well, just not a fast dog. Especially on the contacts. So last night I asked the teach what we can do about it. She said we can start to use a treat to pull over the A Frame, to get him to go faster. A really yummy treat that I’ve ‘teased’ him with somewhat the week before. So I have to work on that.

We are also going to start to do some running contacts, although while making sure we have a stop in our repertoire still, so when I do need to cross in front of him on a contact I can. I think that’ll help a ton. Last night we worked on that, when his foot hit the yellow, I released him and we zoomed to the next obstacle! It was fun.

And his weaves are doing really well, too. I just need to remember to call the weaves early. If a jump is before them, I need to call the weaves when he’s on top of that jump, or even before that jump. If a tunnel is first, then when he’s in the middle of the tunnel. If a contact is first… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a contact before weaves, but if so, then right out of the contact spot. We’ll get there!

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