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Angel’s Green Ball…?

PA133104 We have a bunch of.. well, tomatoes left over. They didn’t all turn red before picking time, and since it froze last weekend we wanted to try to salvage them for later. I do love my tomatoes!

PA133102 We have them laid out in our spare bedroom so they will ripen. And Angel just thought that was the coolest thing, a whole scattering of green toys!

She loves to steal things and get chased. She’s our only dog we do this with. We don’t play ‘chase the puppy’ with any of the other dogs, because it can be so rewarding to them that they don’t want to come!

Anyway, if you look closely you’ll see that Angel’s green ball isn’t, actually, a green ball, but a green tomato. She was so excited to get it that I just couldn’t take it away from her. So I chased her around the house and out the dog door a few times. I love when she gets happy being chased! She gets all goofy and squiggly. And I have to make sure I run slowly, acting like I run fast, so I don’t actually catch her. 🙂


Angel in 2002

Angel Brace 2002 I don’t post nearly enough about Angel, our sweet smooth blue rescue collie girl. She came to us in March of 2002 and she was stinky right out of the shelter, and skinny as heck, and had a broken front leg.

I’ve been going through and organizing my old photos and found this one of her. I’m not sure of the date but it’s probably March or April 2002. She’s been with us for six years now, she will always have a bit of a limp, but she’s so much more confidence and happy now!

We called her Frankenpuppy because she had pins in her leg and the big metal brace, here covered in blue wrap. She was so stinky we had to wrap her leg up in plastic and give her a bath! Now she is clean and happy and a joy, and her nickname is Pumpkin Pie. 🙂 I don’t know why she’s a Pumpkin Pie!


Angel and Tatum

Tatum and Angel Is this the cutest picture or what? Okay maybe not in the whole entire world, but still I love it. Tatum loves to play. Angel loves to play too, but since she’s been getting older she’s been slowing down so she doesn’t run around like she used to. But she still likes to play and I caught this shot of them playing in the back yard. No office furniture to jump around in the yard! Though I’m sure Tatum would chew it up if it were out there.

Anyway… today it’s gorgeous outside, sunshine, and hopefully it’ll get up into the 50s. Me, Chase, Tatum and Muffit are going to go out to flyball practice in a bit. I can’t wait to see how Muffit does with the people and dogs. I hope he’s okay!

Oh and did I mention I got a free foldable wire dog crate on Friday? My friends and I went to lunch and on the way back we drove by a yard with some stuff out front, one was a dog crate. We stopped, and there was a big FREE sign on it! I was thrilled. It’s even a double door, which I love! And the perfect size for Muffit. Even Tatum fits in it fine.

I love free!


Angel and the Bed

Currently we don’t have a box springs, we just have our mattresses… and they are on the floor. We used to have a box springs and the whole deal, but when I repainted the bedroom, we took it all out, ripped up the carpet, and we are going to finish the hardwood floors. Carpet in our house just doesn’t work with all the fosters we get through.

So anyway, when we had the box springs, Angel couldn’t jump up on the bed. She had a broken leg when we got her, and she only weighed 35 lbs. She is now 60 lbs and she could jump up on the bed, but she is still spoiled. What we needed for her was some Dog & Cat Steps. My husband made a step for her to use, but it wasn’t all that great. She would have done better with some carpeted steps like these are! They are fancy and look great, too.

Angel would love them. 🙂 As she gets older, she might need them for other things too. She might get arthritis like Lucy has. Lucy has a terrible limp that we just can’t get on top of. I feel like a bad Mom, but we’ve tested her up one side and down the other and still she has a limp. So she, also, will probably need something to help her up and down the furniture as she gets older. She is 8 already, and Angel might be older than that. *sigh* I hate it when they get old.

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