Well, now it appears as though the entire freakin’ server is down. Grrr…

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SQL Problems

Crap. It seems my server is having some SQL problems. And of course I can’t fix it from work, so I’ll have to fix it later. But, tonight I have agility class so I don’t know if I’ll have time to even look at it tonight. Grrrr.

I wonder if it’s time for a new server. I should look at a different operating system that is still being supported. SUSE maybe? Mandrake? Not sure. I’ll have to see how it goes.

All my MySQL sites are down today. A couple days ago, it was only that was down. Hrmph. I wonder what’s up with the mySQL database. 🙁

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10 Hr Days Week

This week I’m going to work 10 hour days and take Friday off. Oh joy. I’m getting to like getting home at 4pm. Today I’ll get home at 6pm. That’s okay, though. This weekend is a NADAC trial in St. George with Levi.

I just hope the weather is good for the drive.

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Today Angel goes in for a teeth cleaning. I hope it goes easily for her, poor girl. She also needs a major toenail trim, since she’ll be under, and I’m not sure her pupils are straight in her iris. Vet will look at that too. 🙂

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Magnetic Motor

You gotta love it when Blogger is down, eh? And I get a zillion multiple posts. Hopefully it’s fixed now.

Check out the link in the title (Magnetic Motor). Wow, Magnetic Motors. I sure hope this takes off. Perhaps it will, and not be supressed, as have been other alternate forms of power generation. Our world needs a new power source. One that is environmentally friendly. We are sucking this world dry with the current technology.