Training Maze

My main focus for a while is going to be training Maze. I took a class at the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy which helped me so much, I don’t know if I really would have been able to figure out Maze without that class. The class was called Empowerment. I highly recommend FDSA for dog training courses!

While I can’t describe the class (you have to take it!) I am working through things that I learned from the class. So you may or may not see things in my posts that I learned in class. Suffice it to say, I’m incorporating them into Maze’s training and things are working great.

The two things Maze doesn’t like most of all are Noise and Movement. So, the teeter could be a challenge for him. What I did learn in class, though, was that I really don’t want to work through fear and into tolerance with Maze. I want to work through confidence and into him demanding to work. So for him, it means starting very, very slowly with super easy things. While I probably will mess up occasionally, I am now certain that Maze and I will master the teeter as well as the other training challenges we will find.

Maze is Kromfohrlander and a very smart boy! From talking to other people who have trained Kromis for agility, they do not all have the same training issues as Maze does. So Maze is unique in and of himself. And while he does have a certain Kromi cautiousness and flair, I’m finding him so much fun to train!

So on to training videos. 🙂

One of Maze’s favorite games now it pushing weird things out of the way to get his treats. I’m increasing the noise and difficulty level slowly at this game, and he’s doing really well!

Another game we are working on is for him to put his nose into a cone. I want him pushing his nose into that cone and demanding to do it! We are not at the demanding phase yet… but he’s getting better. He likes to have the cone on the ground. In this video, I was trying some various other things he could put his nose in too, but I ended up liking the cone the best. 🙂

Since Maze doesn’t like movement much, I’m using my red cart to get him to be used to being on it. I’m not moving it much at this point. The mistake here, unfortunately, is that the ramp and the cart moved, and it scared him. Unfortunately I’m going to have to back up again and reestablish the fun of the cart.

Maze is super sweet and I just adore him!

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Maze Walking on Stuff

Just a little video today of Maze walking on stuff. Instead of having him walk on things that move… which he doesn’t like, I’m having him walk on soft things, weird things, anything! He seemed to think some of these objects smelled very interesting!

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Connor in ASCA Agility

20160124_151332I’m so excited at how well Connor did at the ASCA Agility trial last weekend! I have been working on his weaves but didn’t know how good they would be at a trial. Well, good! Saturday he didn’t get both his weave entries, but on Sunday he did! I told him well… now he’s going to have to do AKC too!

I’m going to San Francisco this Thursday, through Monday, so I won’t be training or posting until I get back. So here’s some of Connor’s agility videos until I get back to training:

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Nosework Practice on a Friday

IMG_5592Did some Nosework training at home today! I wanted to work the dogs on alerts too… since they don’t really have strong alerts and I’d like them to be nice and obvious. And I know I know… UKC rules say they can’t be aggressive alerts… like a Paw… but, I’m sticking with the paw. Ya’ll can sue me. I hope it will be a gentle paw. Jet is going to do a sit or a down, whichever he prefers. Quinn has an awesome paw touch in Barn Hunt and I’m keeping that. He’s not aggressive with it, it’s just like he’s saying “Paw there it is, let’s find the next one.” Connor I’d like him to be able to really communicate to me his indicator. He needs a nice clear confident alert. Maze hasn’t done much indication… I’ve been just clicking/treating for when he’s on the odor. But I would like a nice clear indication with him too.

So here are today’s Videos. Maze got a little tiny bit of 2o2o board work too. It’s not a 2o2o yet.. it’s just getting him to walk on the board. 🙂

Maze Board:

Maze Nosework 01:

Maze Nosework 02:

Connor Nosework:

Quinn Nosework:

Jet Nosework:

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Maze and Crate Games!

20150709_165912I don’t usually train formal crate games… I mean the Susan Garret Formal DVD type Crate Games. I do encourage my dogs to love the crate, lots of treats in there, lots of good times, and relaxing too when they hang out there at trials most of the day.

When I was at the agilty barn yesterday, one of the things Maze kept doing was going back into his crate. So a light bulb came on over my head… and I said to myself, “Train Crate Games!”

Maze seems to really enjoy these. He got four short training sessions today. The last one incorporated the mat. I know that Susan Garret says you shouldn’t run with the dogs… but Maze loves it when I run with him, and so I tried to run in my little front room.

Here is a video of Maze’s first and second trainings. I put these together into one video. The first bit I had the crate turned sideways which wasn’t good, he couldn’t run in. So I moved it so it was length-wise:

Second bit:

And then with the mat. I love his happy tail. Eventually I let him go to the crate on his own. Also, I won’t train this every day… maybe once or twice a week. Maze gets bored when he does things over and over again. Been there done that!

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