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Going to Daisy Peel

Jet Flyball
Even though this is Jet’s flyball picture, we are going to an Agility seminar this weekend. Daisy Peel. Do you know her? I hear she’s really good, she follows Linda Mecklenburg’s training plans. So we are going to try her out.

I’m not a big seminar person. I don’t like them much… sitting around listening to different types of training that I may never actually do. But when Jet was having a bad weekend last June, I kinda panicked, and signed up for this seminar. After that trial, he started doing really well and now I’m not sure I’ll really get much out of it. And it’s supposed to snow tomorrow, and be cold, and it’s a 45 minute drive. UGH. I hope Jet’s not too cold, I’ll bring his coats and warm bed for his crate, but still I’ll worry. I don’t think I’ll be wearing yellow box sandals this weekend, I’m going to have 20 layers of clothes on!

So, if I have time, I’ll post about the seminar this weekend. Or next week, or whenever I can. 🙂


Jet’s Third Double QQ

Samoyed Club of America Agility
Jet's Ribbons This Weekend
I’m thrilled, Jet got his third QQ today! The Samoyed Club of America is having their National Specialty here in Utah, and they are nice to let all breeds compete this weekend. Aren’t the ribbons just cute? I really like them. 🙂 Yesterday Jet did awesome, but on the Standard course he took an off course jump that I wasn’t expecting. He was going pretty fast and so I didn’t mind. He did Q in JWW yesterday and picked up 4 MACH points. He also Q’d in Time 2 Beat, which is being a pretty fun class for us, and really just for fun.

Today he Qualified in Time 2 Beat in the morning, took first place and got us 10 more points for the T2B title. So far he has 5 Qs and 42 points. He needs 15 Qs and 100 points for his T2B title, so we’ll keep doing that for fun. I am not doing FAST with him since I haven’t trained distance on him.

This morning we got our Standard Q in a really nice run. The judge is Dan Butcher and his courses are actually pretty hard. Yesterday they were super hard, today they were not quiet as hard but still difficult. Lots of off course traps, lots of turns and side changes. Jet got 15 Speed Points in Standard this morning, which I think is the most he’s ever gotten in one run.

His JWW run was good too, he took first place and got 9 speed points. Wow, how cool is this, actually tracking QQs and speed points! First time in my life, after 8 years of agility. I’m still thrilled and grateful every day that Jet, my little Danish-Swedish Farmdog, is doing so well at agility!

So this puts him up to Three Double Qs and 70 speed points towards his MACH. At this rate, maybe we could have a MACH by the end of next year… dang! How weird would that be! 🙂

I use this free software, Agility Record Book, to track his runs. So far he has an 85% Q rate in JWW in Excellent B. And a 50% Q rate in Standard in Excellent B. Not too shabby. The software keeps track of all his points and QQs and Qs and percentages. It’s really nice!

Yesterday it was cold and rainy… originally they were going to have the trial outdoors, but moved it indoors because of the weather. I’m so glad! I would have needed some nice heated gloves if we ran outside. Today wasn’t too bad, sunny and warmish, but still I’m glad we were indoors. Don’t have to set up a tent, or worry about weather, or mess around in the cold.

So I’m thrilled at how well Jet is doing. We don’t have another AKC agility trial until January, which is a bummer. We have an ASCA trial the end of this month, though, which should be fun.


DOCNA Championships 2011

Jet and Dare
Last weekend I took Jet to Grand Junction, Colorado, and we competed in the DOCNA Agility Championships. We had fun and Jet was a goof as usual. 🙂 The first day he kept bouncing up and down like a dork and I couldn’t figure out what he was looking for. The next day I realized that the orange fencing that was around the rings probably reminded him on Course A’ Lure, and he was looking for a lure. After observing him for a little bit yup… he was definitely acting like he was looking for a lure. Dang he loves that lure coursing.

So the first day he was pretty distracted out on the agility courses, but he ran fairly well. I need to load up some video that I got. Haven’t had time or energy since I’ve been back. The second day he only was distracted a bit in the early runs, and later on he did a really nice job and did everything I asked him to do and we had fun.

Unfortunately at the championships there are only ribbons for placements. There are no Qs. And Jet is not fast enough to be really competitive at the 16″ level. He would have Q’d almost every run, but since he’s not that fast, we didn’t get any ribbons. But that’s okay we had a good time. However I don’t know if I’ll go back next year, since I do like a ribbon or two, so we’ll have to see.

The prior weekend not only did he get one Double Q in the AKC trial, he got two Double Qs! He got one on Saturday then again one on Sunday. I was thrilled. I wonder if they are on the AKC site yet, I love looking at legs on the site!

This weekend we have a break, then the next weekend we are doing another AKC agility trial. I hope for some more speed points and maybe another QQ! 🙂 I’m really excited that I finally have a dog, after doing agility for 8 years, that’s able to get some QQs! 🙂

Oh and this picture was taken at Corn Lake in Grand Junction… that is Jet’s best girlfriend in the world, Dare. And their relationship is just like the picture. Jet adores Dare, but she could take or leave him. It’s such a cute picture I had to post it up!


Jet’s First Double Q!

Jet at Camp

Yup, we finally did it. Jet got his first official Double Q in AKC agility today! I’m thrilled. He didn’t Q in either JWW or Standard yesterday, but today he did, and I was excited! Not only is it his first Double Q, it’s also mine! In 8 years of doing agility, I’ve never gotten a Double Q on a dog in Excellent B. An official Double Q that counts towards a MACH. Woo HOo!

And no, I don’t have any video… I am getting kinda tired of feeling like I’m begging people to video. So I decided to just run this weekend and have fun and not worry about it. I figure I can’t get video of every single one of his runs anyway… so we are just going out and doing our agility and having fun. Jet is an amazing little Danish-Swedish Farmdog, and doing awesome at agility.

Tonight I rest, maybe look up a life insurance quote since we are looking at changing, and watching TV. Unfortunately my Interstitial Cystitis flared up today, and I felt rotten. I haven’t had a flare for about 8 months, I’d forgotten how absolutely horrible they are. I amaze myself that I can function with so much pain sometimes.

One more day tomorrow. We are having fun running Time 2 Beat, too. Picked up 20 points for that title this weekend. 🙂


Jet’s Heeling is Improving

So last Saturday I took Jet to a sanctioned Match for some obedience practice. Well, I wasn’t happy with how he did. Actually his heeling hasn’t been very good in the ring since we started going into the ring. In training, he’s great. But I think I have a plan to get him better. This was the Novice run through at the Match. He’s not even hardly really heeling:

So I figured I needed to do something, because Jet was entered in an obedience trial the next week (which was yesterday). And I think we just train in places that are too quiet. Because Jet is deaf in his left ear, he has sound issues. And you can see in the above video that the ring was set up right next to the bathrooms (I guess most people don’t even think about doing that?) and the flushing of the toilets really bothered him.

So it inspired me to start taking Jet to a place that had many more distractions. Mostly I train in very quiet parks where Jet does a great job. But most obedience rings are not so quiet. And so I took him to Sugarhouse Park every day last week. We did heeling with minimal treats. I figure, when in the ring, it’s just me and him, and we need to build a relationship without treats, too. However, I went to some pretty hard places at the park and when he showed signs of nervousness, I gave him treats anyway. And so yesterday this is what I got in the ring:

I think it’s much improved! So this is my goal then… to take Jet to difficult places and do heeling and training. At least once a week. My work schedule is changing and they are making me work 5 days a week (YUCK!) starting in October. I know I know, I’m spoiled, I haven’t worked 5 days a week in over 10 years. I usually work 4 10 hour days, which I much prefer. But now… well, I don’t want to talk about it. Anyway, I’ll have to work training into a new schedule. I think it will help. We don’t have another obedience trial until maybe March. So I’ll see how it works out. Though in the winter it will be hard to go out and find places when it gets cold. Hrmph.

The rest of this weekend we are doing agility. Jet did good today, but didn’t Q. One mistake in JWW and one in Standard. He did Q in the new Time 2 Beat class, which was fun. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I need to snuggle into some nice cozy sferra sheets tonight for bed. I’m tired, and sore, and I need to get some rest. But alas, I do think his heeling has gotten a bit better. 🙂