Tatum PrettyTatum came to us on September 1, 2007. She was flown in on a private jet with three other smooth sable collies from Houston, Texas. Since they have so many collies needing homes in Texas, we are fortunate enough to get four of them to place into homes here in Utah. He pretend birthday is May 1, 2006.

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Tatum’s Titles:

I fell in love with Tatum within the first week of having her at our house, and I just could not give her up. Three of the four collies that came to stay with us were taken from a hoarder, or collector, in Houston, Texas. Tatum was from the bust in May of 2007. She was one of fifty collies that were seized. Fortunately, she didn’t have too bad of care. She came to us very shy of new situations, and wary of people. And she is very small, only about 40 pounds. That is one of the things I just loved about her.

Tatum Sleeping Tatum came with me to a training seminar back in October of 2007. She was very skittish, would not approach people, and just wanted to be around the other dogs. As time has gone by, and as I write this it’s now April of 2008, Tatum is transforming into an amazing, wonderful, brave girl. New places still make her nervous a little bit, but for the most part she jumps out of the car looking for fun things to do.

Tatum and Muffit This girl has more energy than the rest of our dogs put together. Most definitely more than our border collie and our border collie mix. She loves to bite people on the butt to get attention, which can be quite a surprise! But I cannot, and will not, use any corrections on her. She needs to build her confidence, and she loves to clicker train.

She is a gorgeous smooth sable collie girl with a lot of spunk, enthusiasm, and curiosity. When I got to know her, I couldn’t help but see all her potential, and how good she would be at agility, obedience, and maybe even flyball. I adore her. She gripped my heart quickly, and has held onto it. 🙂