The lastest on Agility

Agility is my new greatest passion. I went to my first trial last weekend (September 18 & 19) in Grand Junction, Colorado, after a ten week break due to an injury in my leg, which actually didn’t end up being an injury as much as a pinched nerve… or rather, a tilted pelvis.

Anywho, Levi is my agility boy, and he’s doing very well, despite his handler! He attained his first two NADAC titles last weekend, NAC and TN-N. (Novice Agility Certificate & Tunnelers Novice) He is such a good boy. Not sure if NADAC is going to be his thing, though, because he is not quite fast enough. We might be able to get into open eventually, but I have my doubts about going beyond that into Elite. We just might be in Novice/Open forever in NADAC.

That’s okay, because the timing in AKC is not as tight as NADAC, and Levi already has two out of his three legs for his open standard title in AKC! Our next ACK trial is the end of October, so we’ll see if we can get him his last leg. Would be fun!

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  1. I would like to get into agility stuff, it looks so cool. What’s a good way to start? By the way your blue is a great looking collie!

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