Well, it’s the first day of October. How weird is that. Everyone needs to keep their black cats indoors so no weirdos go stealing them. 🙁 I’m not a big fan of Halloween, but it’s a fun idea. I wore really dumb costumes when I was a kid, so I have issues with that, but otherwise it’s not so bad.

The website has been changed to the blue background. I probably need to clean up the HTML on my main site but no rush. Oh, and I have to change the menu items but I’ll get to that eventually, too.

I went to the Periodontist last night, and I have to get six teeth fixed up. My gums are receding really bad on two of them, and fairly bad on the other four. Oh joy. I guess I know what my December bonus will be paying for, if they don’t forget about it and we still get it. *sigh*

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