Novice Jumpers Certificate

Well let’s see what’s going on here…

Went to a NADAC trial in St. George last weekend. It was fun. Levi got 3 1/2 Qs out of 10 runs. Not too bad. We still need some major weave poll work. He finished his NJC title, for jumpers. I might even move him to open jumpers. He’s really good at it, so I don’t know if we should keep him in novice for his Jumpers. I’m thinking of moving him now, because he can probably make Jumpers Open time, and since we go to so few NADAC trials, moving up in Jumpers is probably the way to go. Only way to really ever get to Elite and have a hope of a NATCH, if it’s even possible for him. Not sure. But NATCH is just Standard, Gamblers, and Jumpers. And he can do Standard and Jumpers easy (okay not THAT easy but we can do it!). We will need some distance work to get Gamblers going, but once it’s always inside the course, I don’t see why we couldn’t do it!

As for weave polls, the goal is to take 4 polls, a couple tunnels, and Levi and hit a park every day, or almost every day, to see if I can get him to hit the entry in a different location a lot of the time. I want him to hit that entry even when I’m nervous and not sure if he’ll do it. He is really good at class and at home, so maybe going to different places will help out? I hope so!

My server is completely dead. I’m putting up temporary pages through the DNS managers to alert people of this. It’s probably part of the hardware that is fried. Not sure which, yet. I’m going to have to put sections of the burned-out server into a good computer a piece at a time to see what is salvagable. No big deal really but I haven’t had the time since I’ve been out of town. Then I think I’m going to put SuSe pro on the server next time, instead of Red Hat. I could do Fedora, but I’ve already done RH and would like to try something else. Another choice is Mandrake, but Aaron likes SuSe so I’m going to try that first. =)

4 thoughts on “Novice Jumpers Certificate”

  1. Sounds like Levi is doing very well. We’re just learning about agility and right now I have a lot of respect for these dogs and their humans to be able to do this sport! Go Levi! Go!

  2. What method do you use for teaching poles? Does he consistently do the poles, but miss the entry? I have had a lot of success with my Border Collie…just recently. When you train…back off and click and treat for just the entry a few times. Then scoot over and see what he can do while babbling in your happiest tone. It has worked wonders for Ty (on both sides). Can’t wait to hear more. Cross your fingers as we have our own NADAC trial this weekend.

  3. Thanks! Sounds interesting. I initially trained him with the channel method. His entry is the hardest part! I’ve been taking him around to parks with distractions and that is seeming to help, but we haven’t had a trial to test it on yet.

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