Holiday Tomorrow

Well, life goes on. I have the new web server up, but only with minimal functionality. I have the two photo galleries working okay, which are the most important things. I’m not too concerned with, or, because they are so low volume. But I hope to get at least up pretty soon. I do want to put it on a different computer, though, and I’ll need a power supply for that before I get it going. And I need my mail working too.

I’m jogging again, which is great. Only going a couple miles at a time though, but last night 2 miles was just not enough. It took me only about 25 mins. So I might up it tomorrow to my 2.93 loop through the neighborhood. I’ve only been taking Levi, ’cause Chase needs to understand loose leash walking first. So I work with Chase after my run with Levi.

I had surgery on my mouth last week. Yuckola. I had three gum grafts. They take gum from the roof of your mouth and graft it onto teeth. Three teeth on my right side. I guess my gums were receding really bad. Geesh, it sucks getting old. I totally understand the saying “Youth is wasted on the young.” I need some of that youth!


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