Running Again


I was sick around New Years. The entire holiday I didn’t even leave the house. Felt guilty about not taking the dogs to the park, but they survived. 🙂

Yesterday I felt a lot better, finally. Went running again. I have skipped two weeks. Ugh. And I can feel it today. Was really hard for me to fall asleep last night. Usually is after I start or stop excersising. But, I know my body will adjust quickly and I’ll be back at it full again. I only went 2.93 miles, not the full 3.5. Hopefully I can do 3.5 again Thursday.

I only took Levi. Chase still needs LLW manners, and I think it might be a while for him. The world is so fascinating.

I also went to agility class. The old teacher isn’t teaching, so I have a new one. She is great, too, I really like her! She is more technically oriented and that is a good thing, because it’s always good to learn different perspectives! 🙂

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