March Third Chase


Chase’s class was also a lot of fun. We had the big dog class first so we could set up the course outside and catch the last of the sunlight. Hopefully it’ll be much warmer soon!

Phonebook: Chase has the phonebook exercise down pat. I put it down, and he plants both front feet on it and waits for that click. He is so smart. 🙂 Then I can move my body around, and his back end moves too, and I C/T that. The teach said he might not get to moving his back end by himself, and that’s okay. So we will continue working this back end awareness exercise.

Ladder Forwards: He goes through the ladder frontwards just fine. Not afraid of the ladder at all.

Backwards: He knows backwards really well, too, though not yet on cue. That’s okay, the cue will come. Practicing last weekend in the ladder, he didn’t really want to go backwards in the ladder, so we will have to work on that this weekend also. I’m going to be so happy when it’s lighter longer during the day, and warmer out, so I can work with them outside after work.

Nose Touch: Having a wee bit of a problem here. He does it a little bit, in class and at home, but he’s so darn gentle. Teach wants a nice hard nose touch to the hand. Was doing this with Levi and Angel, and both of them, especially Levi, give me a nice solid push, and even more so if I don’t get them the treat. Chase… he is more timid. He will look at my hand, lick my hand, and gently brush my hand with his whiskers. I think I just need to keep this up until he offers more of a push. Might take a little while with him.

Weave Poles 2×2: I understand better now. Teach put up a jump at a 90 degree angle from the 2x2s and Chase went over the jump (I haven’t taught him jumps yet, more later) and spun around and went zoom right past the weaves. Then zoom to go see the other dogs in the class. 🙂 Silly boy. I need to work this at home with less distraction, see about getting him through the 2×2 polls. I think he’ll get it pretty quickly. Haven’t had time to work on it at home yet. Ugh. (I really need to retire.)

Tire: Last weekend I set up the new tire jump I got, and Chase went right through it, no problem. 🙂 For a C/T. And now he goes through for a toy. Will be working on this, too.

2o2o: We are practicing standing on the end of a board with the back feet on and the front feet off, and treating. Chase loves this, and will hop right onto the flat board for his cookies. 🙂 I think he’ll be great at 2o2o!

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