March Third Update

Class Tuesday night was great! First Levi, then Chase.

Our teach set up a NADAC jumpers course we could run. Elite, of course. LOL. But it was excellent practice. The course had a set of four jumps in a serpentine. She told us to just run the serpentine without uttering a word. Just run straight parallel to the jumps, and only use arm motions out, in, out, in, for the dogs to follow.

I was impressed! Levi didn’t even have a problem. He nailed it, didn’t matter if I was talking or not. I really have to give that boy more credit, and trust him more. He knows what he’s doing, it’s me that screws up. I think I need to practice that more so I can rely more on, and be more aware of, my body movement.

Since that video last week that we watched of ourselves, and I was clapping my stupid hands in the ring, I started asking myself what else am I doing in the ring that I don’t know I’m doing? So I’m going to try to relax, calm down, and watch myself more. And I think Levi will respond a lot better to that, too.

The Elite course was a lot of fun. Someday, I’ll be in Elite. 🙂 We will have our first NADAC Open Standard and Jumpers runs weekend after next. I really want to just relax, and have fun, and watch myself more, and not worry about the Qs (if I can!).

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