March 9 Update – Chase

Had class last night, it was another fun class.

Crate Games:
Chase is getting fairly good at his crate games, though we need to work on this more at home. I’ve been doing more weave poll exercises with him instead.

2×2 Weaves:
Last night at class the teach instructed me to throw the toy out paralell… err, I think that’s right, to the weaves. I’ve been throwing it out perpendicular.. so he goes through the 2x2s, just straight, and I throw it straight. Well, that’s silly of me, because I want him to weave! So I threw it at an angle and viola, he is more like weaving. So I will work on that, I think that’ll help me understand the process. And add a jump in too, so he goes jump, and wraps to the weaves. Once he gets some distance, she says we will add another 2×2 set.

She set up three jumps in a row, also, to see how these new dogs do with jumping. Chase waited for me while I walked out one jump! Yay! (lol it was like three feet from him, but heck, that wait is hard!) And we got him over all three jumps. He seems to jump with his front shoulders a lot, instead of his hind quarters. So we are supposed to practice this so he becomes more comfortable jumping. I’ll need to enlist Aaron’s help.

Teach set up a single weave poll and we stood right by it. The dog is supposed to walk around it, the C/T, and then get more distance from it. Chase is so quick, he knows that whatever I put out, he should do something with it, so instantly he walks around this thing. 🙂 C/T! He is so smart. He’ll pick this up in no time.

I love clicker training!

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