March 28 Update

Just a quickie update. We have class tomorrow night, but working with Levi and Chase this weekend was fun!

Chase is really getting his 2×2 weaves down! I can set that jump up, and he goes over it, and gets the 2×2 weave entry in the yard almost every single time. 🙂 9 times out of 10 for sure. He is a bit weak when I’m on the outside and he is inside nearer the polls, but we can work on that. It is just how we play, and throwing that toy as a reward seems to work great. 🙂

Levi, I’m working on his contacts. Have a board at home and we are getting a good solid 2o2o at the end of it. Hopefully that’ll transport over to the contacts, but we are doing so gradually in stages.

Lucy is doing a great job of retrieving the treat bag for me! And Angel is learning all the voice commands and hand signals for all the tricks she knows. 🙂

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