Class March 29th – Chase

Ooo Chase’s weaves are coming along so nicely!

I can half-moon around those 2x2s now with him, and he hits them each time. Looking for that darn entry! Wow, I’m impressed. I throw his toy out, too, and he then keeps his head down, and bends to the right for when the next polls are set up.

So we are going to move on to the next step. The 2 sets of 2x2s will be extended out a bit, so he has to go through two gates. Teacher says he’ll learn this super fast. If the snow would only melt!

I’m super excited about his weaves. I will admit, I didn’t know a toy was so much motivation for a dog. And play and tug. He just loves this game and it’s working very well! I love using all positives!

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