Agility Class – Chase!

Chase is doing so well in agility class!

Weaves – He is almost to straight weave polls. Only a little bit of openness to get him that entry. Sometimes he’ll skip the first entry, and sometimes the second, but we are working on it. And he thinks it’s such a completely fun game. He gets to play with a toy, and tug, and run full speed. How can life be more fun than that? I half-moon him into the first entry. I do think, though, that I’ve been wrapping him around more often than getting him a straight entry. So we need to work on that.

Contacts – he’s doing quite well with this, too. He’s starting to touch the clear plate at the bottom of the contact on a flat board. Will be adding the cue and a dash to the end of the board this week.

Table – he’s starting to pick up that he downs automatically on the table, which will be awesome. 🙂 Never trained that before either. But the 2nd dog is always better right?

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