Agility Class – Levi

Weaves – Levi and I are working on retraining weave polls. I realized at the last trial that he has gotten the idea that it’s okay to not do weave polls. I forced him through on the last day and he got the hang of it, which convinced me that we need to work on this seriously. So I’m retraining with the 2×2 method. He is having a good time so far. We are not too far yet, but hopefully we’ll be better by the June 11th trial. I might move him to preferred novice for it, see how it goes.

Contacts – He is such a goof. He still offers these in class then looks at me. 🙂 We are also working on his contacts, so he’ll dash to the bottom of a board and stop with 2o2o. I think it’s helping him, but the weave polls are our main focus at this time. 🙂

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