Chase’s First Trial!

OH MY GOSH! It was AMAZING! Totally and completely wonderful!

Chase got Three Qualify runs! Three! 3 3 3 3 3!!! THREE! And, I may add, two were in WEAVERS! Can you tell I’m super duper excited!

Woo woo. One more and he’d have his first title. LOL. But no more NADAC until March. But that’s okay. 🙂

He even beat Elite time on his first weavers run!

I am so pleased. He is such a good boy. He would have gotten elite time on the 2nd weavers run, too, had we not bypassed on set of polls and had to go back. I think he thought they were going to be a tunnel.

He also got a tunnelers Q. He didn’t Q in the two jumpers runs, I think I still need to learn how to handle this boy, and jumps are a bit more difficult for us than tunnels and weaves.

So, I gotta work his contacts more, so we can do standard courses.

Levi did pretty good. He got 2 Qs. He was in open everything, though, and that’s a bit hard for us. The times are too tight! He got an open jumpers and an open tunnelers leg.

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