AKC here we come!

Okay… well! Last weekend was Chase’s first AKC trial. And he did SUPER! He didn’t Q on Saturday, because he had a knocked bar. He also had two Refusals but Novice is okay with that, so he would have Qd had he not knocked that darn bar! 🙂

Chase DID Q on Sunday! Woo woo! Two refusals again.. the boy gets going so fast, I don’t know if I signal the next jump soon enough or what, but he then circles around a couple times before I can gather him back up and we finish the course.

We just did JWW. No Standard yet, as his contacts are not solid. His is learning the Teeter okay, almost has it at full height at home. And his A Frame Contact is so-so, but when he really gets moving his butt comes off, so he’s not 2o2o. But we are working on that. He thinks the table, at speed, is a launching pad, so we gotta work on that too. And he hasn’t been on the dog walk much. My dog walk at home is so bulky and heavy, it’s hard to set up, so I haven’t done it much, but I better get at it.

Chase’s weaves are beautiful. When he only has 6 polls, he looks for the rest. 🙂 I’m so proud of that boy.

Levi, on the other hand, didn’t weave at all last weekend. 🙁 I don’t know what to do with that boy. Not enough time to fix them for this upcoming weekend, either. Oh well. We’ll practice tonight with guides and see what we can do. Otherwise his open courses are beautiful. Gotta fix those darn weaves. Probably have to stop trialing him for about 6 months or so.

Also this weekend… Lucy is in Rally! First Rally trial. Should be fun. I think it’ll be so much better than obedience, since I can talk to her, and Novice is all on leash. 🙂

If she flies through novice (If I don’t mess up the signs), then maybe I’ll even try her in open. She is so-so off leash, if I can talk to the girl! 🙂

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