Well, it’s Tuesday again, and I’m still getting the hang of this blog, wordpress. I like it a lot. And I got the URL working… blog.hexwitch.com, so it points to the right place now. Whew.

I hope to import my blogger dog training blog, maybe this coming weekend. And get some things organized on here.

I took the bus in to work again today. I don’t mind it so much, as long as I can knit, which I’m loving. And, it is super nice not having to pay gas! My word, gas is almost $3 a gallon. That is way too much. I hope to only drive to work on days I have agility class, and then drive to agility classes. Hopefully I’ll save some money that way. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Tuesday”

  1. Hmmm… taking the bus to work.. I might be able to do that three days a week (the other days I’m schleping a dog somewhere). But I’m only 15 minutes from work and a bus would take me an hour to get there… and I’d have to cross 4 lanes of traffic. I’ve decided to save money by shopping more effectively, taking shorter showers, and turning off my lights! I also found I can save a ton of $$ by making my own yogurt. (The dogs go through a quart in 3 days. I can make a gallon for the price of a quart!)

  2. Yeah, I can’t take it every day either, because of dog things. Mainly agility class. Though currently we are doing classes every other tuesday, in November we’ll start back up to every week. ‘Cause there won’t be a place for me to practice at home anymore, with rain and cold and snow.

    It is sad how much it increases travel time. It increases mine from 20 mins to 40 mins. But, I have a knitting addiction I now can entertain on the bus. 🙂

  3. Oh I hear ya.. we figure out that we drive an extra 200 miles a week if we have two training classes a week. (the puppies are currently in a beginner obedience and Targ is in Drill It)

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