Hrmph. I was sick last week. Didn’t feel well at all. And over the weekend. I hate that. Gonna put a stop to my running again. 🙁 Why do I catch every dang bug in the world?

Maybe I need some Eucalpytus or something. I drank Echinacea tea over the weekend, I don’t know if it helped, but I did feel better Sunday a little bit. I hope I just keep getting better. I don’t like being sick. But sometimes I wonder if my body just shuts down every three or so months, because I get stressed or something. I dunno. I’ve been taking things really super easy over the last three weeks or so. Just enjoying the autumn and not being too busy.

3 thoughts on “Sickie”

  1. Echinacea is great BEFORE you get sick… depending on what your symptoms are, eucalyptus may help and it may not.. Personally, I’m going to try the Thieves oil and lozenges this year.. I usually get one bug.. only one.. but it knocks me on my butt!

  2. Ooo that’s pricey. Hrm. Not sure I’m ready to try that. But I gotta find something that helps. Hrmph.

  3. yeah, it’s pricey.. you could probably find somethign comparable. The thing about young living is they are expensive becuase they are quality controlled and therapeautic grade.. they also make a thieves lozenge that I think I’m shooting for instead.

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