Back Again

Well, I’m finally healthy enough to be back at work again. I actually enjoyed being sick these last four or so days. I hate being sick at work, feeling awful, needing to think… so I stayed home and just enjoyed myself. Being sick was actually rather a pleasant feeling. I could sit in my PJs all day long, knit, listen to Harry Potter on CD and watch the movies. I listened the the whole first book on Thursday. Then Friday I watched movie 1 and movie 2. Then on Saturday I watched movie 2 and movie 3. LOL.

I would have been bored silly without HP.

I finished my sweater:

Which was fun. I had such a great time doing decreases that I started a Hermione Bobble hat, which is proving challenging. But fun. I’m also working on a Hufflepuff dog scarf. I finished the Gryffindor dog scarf.

I do so love to knit. Who woulda guessed?

One thought on “Back Again”

  1. This looks SO good! I’m really impressed… so far, a scarf is all I can manage.. but I’m learning.. I think I’m going to find some time to hit the library and pick that book up!

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