I’m bored. Bored with working. Bored with doing anything. Maybe it’s because it’s fall. And all I want to do is hole-up at home in the basement with a good TV show, puppies snuggled all around me, and knit. Or maybe it’s because now I’m addicted to knitting, and am having a pull towards that. Hrmph. I can get addicted to stuff pretty easy. I guess. It’s a strange need feeling, like I must get back to it. Must do it.. must must must.

So I try to be more zen. No desires. There is misery because there is desire. I wish I had less desire and more Zen, truth be told. I’m always in a hurry, too. And I just want to relax. Take things slow and easy. Maybe it’s just a time to learn these things instead.

One thought on “Desire”

  1. Maybe you need a desire to be Zen?

    I feel your pain.. I’m bored too! and I’m busy busy busy.. all the things I want to do I can’t because of my job.. but I need my job to do the things I want to do…

    cursed circles.. 🙂

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