Menus and Links

Well, my menus and my links still are not quite right on this blog. *sigh*. Too much time to look up all the CSS, and then discover some is just missing and I have to add it in. WordPress is fun but the CSS could be a little bit easier. I actually usually enjoy playing with CSS, but geeez, it’s time consuming.

2 thoughts on “Menus and Links”

  1. Actually m’dear the menus function fine; I’d suggest changing your link text color to something that contrasts more with the bg color so you don’t have to highlight to read things. 🙂

    -Exarch, pesky know-it-all

  2. Ah yes, the link color is hard to see. 🙂 One of those things I still have to figure out. I’m tempted to just use a template.. but that’s not too original. But I’m tired of these colors already. 🙂

    Very cool to see you here!

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