Well, we had a busy weekend! We had many visitors come by. All four legged. And all very sweet!

This is Glitter. She is a sweet sweet sheltie. About two years old. Her Mom went to california to do some agility with Nick, Glitter’s brother. Nick, of course, is kicking butt, he is such a good agility boy! Glitter is so sweet. I love to play tug with her, because she has this funny little growl. I don’t think anyone could be afraid of her silly growl! But I tell her she sounds mean and nasty… to make sure she feels good about herself. 😉

We also watched Sadie and Gypsie, from Tuesday November 8th through Sunday November 13th. We had seven dogs in the house for a couple of days, but it was fun! Sadie is a monster.. BC mix, and she would hardly settle down. We’d have to crate her for a break. And Gypsie.. sweet 15 year old Gypsie. I loved her. Big sheltie girl… almost tried to hide her away for keeping! 😉