December is Too Busy

Well, I am back from California. It was a really fun trip. A tad too many people for me though.. I’m not very social by nature, and so it was nice to get home and relax and have some alone time again. Especially with the dogs. I am completely comfortable with them, as much so as being alone. 🙂

This month is too busy. My weekends are already taken up before Christmas, and I haven’t done any shopping. I have something for my Mom, but not my Dad, Sister, Nephew, or Husband. Ugh. And then I want to get some little things for my coworkers and such. Time goes by too fast anymore. Much too fast. Next weekend is already taken both days. And the weekend after that, Saturday the 17th is just about taken. The 18th is free.. so far, I’m going to have to tell everyone no, I’m busy that day, and can’t do anything. Then the following weekend is already Christmas! Ugh! I need to start some online shopping, but then it might already be too late for that. The Thanksgiving trip kinda messed me up this year. Usually I’m quite done by now.

And it’s cold. Much too cold! 18F this morning. Yuck. And 32F now. California spoiled me for the warmth, and now I’m already tired of the cold.

It appears Chase has a low thyroid. And so now he’s going to be on meds for it. I just hope his coat comes back in, poor guy has such thin fur it’s sad. They say pure-breds are so unhealthy… well the only dog we have that is probably a mix, is our unhealthiest! 🙁