Over the weekend I went to a Kimberly Sisak Seminar. I must admit, it was the best agility thing I’ve ever done. It was small so I was able to bring Chase, although he is a novice dog.

I am proud to say that if you wouldn’t have known he was novice, you probably couldn’t have told. He did really good and we held our own with all the excellent dogs there. Chase did good in some things and not so good in others.

Okay… I must say I did good in somethings and not so good in others. Because it was a handling seminar, teaching us how to handle better. So really Chase just did what I said. However, he does have a problem coming IN to me. But it’s just something I need to work on. I think he’ll probably catch on quick once we start working on it. But heck if I can teach him to weave well, then I should be able to teach him anything. So we will work on that.

His Serpentines and Threadles were not very strong, but that’s okay. Mainly because of his lack of an In. And we haven’t practiced them much. But I think Threadles will be good practice for that in.

Most people had such a hard time not bending over, me included! 🙂 He he. Well, when I thought about it, my mind would forget everything else. So I guess I need to work on that.

This weekend we have a DOCNA trial, and then the weekend after we have a 3 day AKC trial. We’ll see how it goes. Reading Agility Success has, I think, helped me a lot. Since I have such a wierdness about success. I freak out if I’m good at anything, and sabotage myself. So I need to work on that.

It is okay to be successful.

Hopefully Levi will get into excellent soon, and Chase into open, in AKC. 🙂