3 thoughts on “Moved Site”

  1. Thanks for posting about the move… I’d been wondering! Bookmarking the new link, although I’m sorry that you’ve had to turn off comments. Do you know there’s a setting that makes people have to type in something to prove they’re human and not spam? I found that after my blog was getting a lot of garbage too.

    Nice job at Nationals!!

    (Oh, you do know there’s a setting… you have it set on this blog. Er, nevermind 😀 )

  2. Oh, double duh… just realized your new blog isn’t on blogger. Sheesh… sorry, just got back from an all weekend dog show 5 hours away, so that’s my excuse for brain not fully being here.

  3. He he no problem. 🙂 My other blog is on my own server.. and I don’t know how to prevent spam. Boo… except turning off comments. But they are still on the most recent post.

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