Raw Dog Update

Well, I guess I’m writing more about the dogs’ food than my own. Let’s see if today maybe I can do some of both. 🙂

I bought some rabbit from a local raiser last weekend, and tried feeding. Well, 3 of the 4 dogs think it’s icky. Levi thought it was grand, and promptly got sick afterwards. 🙂 He didn’t eat for a day and a half, and had runny poops. But he’s back on track now so I’m not worried.

Of the other 3, Angel thought the ground was so-so and ate a little bit. Chase would roll it around in his mouth then spit it out. And Lucy wouldn’t even touch it. Lucy… who is my dog that will eat anything! Interesting stuff.

I’m off to a seminar this coming weekend so after I get back we’ll attempt some more rabbit. My freezer is just too full at the moment. 🙂 I think I went a little buying happy.

The girls and boys will eat mostly ground this weekend while I’m gone. Aaron is not too keen yet about feeding raw. It is a bit gross, but it just has got to be better than extruded heated processed junk they have been getting. Even the high quality stuff is still processed. I don’t eat processed foods (much) why would I feed it to my dogs? Just dunno. So I don’t anymore.

They are back to eating chicken backs and some ground turkey. I think I maybe feeding them too much bone, but as long as they don’t get constipated I think they are okay. I’ll be looking for other sources of cheap meat. Chicken is easy to get and cheap. But they need more variety. I was hoping the rabbit would help but maybe not. 🙂

It’s amazing how many different types of ‘raw’ diets you can feed. There’s a ton of information, much of it different in view. But I think I’m finding out what works best for my family. I really hope this helps Chase’s allergies, and Lucy’s scratchy back, and Angel’s throwing up. Levi, he’s just fine. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Raw Dog Update”

  1. Some dogs just don’t like rabbit. Other dogs will learn to like it if you out stubborn them. (think weight-loss really! :)) More meat, less bone, add the liver etc. Dogs tend to do fine as long as you try to feed them decently. Others just naturally go for it. Dogs can be strange.

    Cheap sources…depends where you live. Try producers… I can get my turkey hearts for less than $1 a pound which is excellent in my area and WAY cheaper than beef heart is. or freecycle, cheapcycle, freeshare. Hunters who want to empty their freezers before new season starts and so forth.

  2. Hi Annette thanks for the info. I’ve been able to find some good sources recently. And the dogs do still need to drop a couple pounds. 🙂

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