Raw Feeding Confusions

When I started feeding raw, I read Pitcarn, and he said to feed raw ground, or he has some kibble suppliment recipies anyway. Then there are others who also say feed ground raw with suppliments… or feed chicken necks and backs.. yadda yadda yadda, everyone is different. Ugh. I bought 40lbs of chicken necks and 40lbs of backs too in the beginning. 🙂

The folks on the rawfeeding yahoo group seem to say no to backs or necks, much more meat instead. So I’ve increased the dogs’ meat, but it’s hard to get anything other than pork meat, chicken necks and backs, at reasonable prices. So that’s my main component mostly. I am still feeding the necks and backs too.

I’ve been feeding raw for about a month. From what I’ve read, too, many people say raw feeding helps improve dogs’ teeth. I can understand that, if they chew up the bones. But then they need the calcium/phosphorus ration to be right too (gads another confusing thing).

So I’ve decided to stick with the following points because they make the most sense to me:
1. Bones to clean teeth and get them calcium, about 15% of the diet.
2. No ground (okay, a little bit of ground lol) because in nature no animal eats ground meat.
3. As wide a variety of meats as I can get (which isn’t much around here).
4. I feed veggies occasionally, because why not? Can’t hurt… when I have the time to blend some up, I throw them in (couple times a month).
5. I’m staying away from grain. From what I’ve read it can be a cause of allergies, and one of my dogs has many allergies. And in the wild wolves and dogs don’t much eat grain.
6. About 10% organ meats. Seems like a good idea. 🙂 Some occasional Tripe.

It seems there are as many ideas about feeding raw as there are people in the world. And none of it is scientific because it’s new, so people have no solid facts about it. I did do bloodwork on one of my dogs, and I hope to get the results faxed to me today so I can find a site on the web to compare them too, and see how we are doing.

The prey model diet, people say that wolves eat only animals, no grains or veggies. But then I also see the other side, that our dogs have not been wild wolves for thousands of years, and have scavenged and eaten various different things. So that’s why I think veggies can’t really hurt.

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