Changed the theme today… actually, I might just change it often. I loaded up a few of the free ones that I like, and Ilike change!

Anyway… I’m back from Dog Camp. Been back a few weeks now. And I just had to say I had such an awesome time. I finally uploaded my pictures and they are great.
Dog Camp Album
This is my favorite picture:

I love how Levi is still, and Chase is in motion.
The boys had such a great time. Chase’s feet hurt so bad at the end… he wore them raw. But he had so much fun I didn’t want to slow him down. He got to come home to heal up.

I also made some new friends. That was the very best part. Having been so shy, and having social anxiety… I was so good at keeping it in check that week, and it was wonderful. I am excited to have some more great friends. And I chatted and relaxed and it was great. 🙂

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