Feeding the Dogs

Well, I think I’ve finally come to a happy balance with feeding the dogs.

They get 1 or 2 chicken necks each meal, I think the bone is good. I also grind up a chicken mix. Taking a whole chicken, bones and all, and grinding. Then I mix in some Oatmeal, Veggies of various sorts, and Organs, and viola, there is my mix.

I also throw in some pork and beef and turkey and whatever other meat I can find on sale. I wish I could get some other kinds like lamb, but I’ve had a hard time finding it at a good price.

This variety seems to keep the dogs poop nice and solid and I feel good about feeding it. I guess that makes me a BARFer since I don’t feed only prey model. I like having other things in there. I also throw in fish oil pills and some flea treats occasionally. Oh, and the various bit of tripe.

We are happy now! Well, except the husband who just thinks it’s all gross.

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