He Plays Tug!

Cheyenne plays tug! I didn’t know it until last night. He and Angel were going to town with a knitted toy. I think he was able to wrap his two remaining teeth around it and pull. What a cutie. He is so darn sweet, I would so love to keep him. Alas… five dogs is a lot of work, and really he needs more attention than we can give him.
He is so special and I will be very picky about his home. He is coming along very nicely. He is so sweet, and rubs his head into me when he plays. He still wants to play with Chase but Chase doesn’t want to play with him. Chase is being a dork because Cheyenne is such a sweetie. I’m glad Angel is playing with him. It was so cute, I didn’t have the camera on me last night or I would have taken a pic of them playing tug. They tugged for a good five minutes.

His stairs are coming along nicely, too. We don’t do them every day. And I always have my arm wrapped around his bum so he doesn’t panic and try to turn and jump down. When we are half way up that is too dangerous. He needs stronger muscles, and he needs stronger confidence. The stairs are now blocked off unless I am right there. I think he might have enough confidence just to be dangerous, and we can’t have that. Once we get him going up the stairs we’ll work on going down. Last night he hardly leaned against me at all going up, and followed the cheese path nicely. He is such a smart boy, and a real joy to have around. *loves*

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