Just a short note to encourage everyone to vote. I know, I know, it’s a pain, and what good does it do? Here in Utah I vote democrat every year, and Utah always goes Republican. But I’m putting in my opinion dammit!
And, if you vote early, no lines and no hassle. I already voted and it went so easily. Walked in, filled out some forms, went through the process to get my card, and voted and was done. And usually I vote all the judges OUT. Why not, I’m all for term limits. They stay in anyway so it really doesn’t matter. LOL. But get those people out! Maybe next year I’ll look up which are democrat and which republican and vote appropriately.

One good way to know who to vote for is to find out which of your candidates are dog friendly or not. That is what I do. I go to Millcreek Fidos and see who they are supporting.

So, go out and vote!

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