Saturday in November

It was nice and rainy today. I love the rain. Overcast a bit too. Though it cleared up to practice some agility out at a regular practice yard. Unfortunatly Levi’s weaves were not good. Not as good as last Monday in class. Sigh… not sure if I’ll ever be able to fix him. He got one good set in and we stopped. I hope that helps.

Chase did really well. He is starting to pay attention to me a lot more I think. Of course we won’t know how he really is until we trial. We have a USDAA trial in December, only going one day, we’ll see how he does. Levi is entered too, to check on his weaves. Not sure if I’ll enter him in the AKC trials in Jan or Feb 2007. I do so want to get him into excellent, but he needs more positive experiences first.

Sigh.. back to some knitting.

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