MS Vista is coming. Hrm… January of 2007 I hear. I wonder what it’ll be like. I still wish I had Linux on my laptop but I’m too chicken of getting my MS apps to work right. Hrmph.

I really love the gadgets they will have available on the desktop. I’ve been looking for one of those for ages. Since my PDA was outdated by my laptop. I loved having my daily screen on my Dell Axim, showing me my appointments and tasks for the day. I’ve found limited things like this for my laptop’s desktop. I use Active Desktop Calendar, which is okay, but has crappy support for Outlook Tasks. I only want current Outlook Tasks to show thank you very much.

So I am not currently using Outlook, just the ADC calendar, tasks, and contacts. But you can’t set a recurring event to have a recurring alarm, which is also dumb. So it’s just a so-so app. It gets me by. I forget everything, must have it down somewhere to remember.

I’m still glad about the elections. 🙂

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