Bad Chicken Parts!

Okay, I don’t know for sure that the chicken parts were bad, but another girl who feeds raw and just moved into town and was feeding her dogs chicken parts from the same place I was feeding from… she said her dogs also got runny on them! Ugh!

So during those months I was struggling with the bone/meat ratio thinking I had it wrong, it was probably the chicken parts! Since I’ve had them on Oma’s Pride Chicken Necks, they have been fine. These are more than twice as expensive, but they are hormone and antibiotic free, and the dogs love them.

Guess I won’t be buying from that bad source anymore. I haven’t heard if anyone else has had that problem. What a pain. I’m going to readjust my bone/meat ratio, give them more meat, see how that works now that I know what the heck was going on!

Also, I went to Walmart and bought some beef heart to use as treats. Chase likes cheese okay, but I think when we are doing obedience he needs something better. Obedience is so hard for him. He really doesn’t like just sitting there and being still. He’d rather run full-speed-amok all over the place. All five dogs were crazy about the heart last night, I’ll try it out tonight and Thursday on Chase, see how he does!

3 thoughts on “Bad Chicken Parts!”

  1. One word of caution — start slowly with the beef hearts! If you’ve been struggling through the runs with chicken, beef heart could give you a whole new level of joy. I speak from the voice of experience on this one (and quite recently, the voice of someone very glad to own a carpet steam cleaner).

    Good food, great treats, but if you haven’t been using it, just go slow!

  2. Thanks for the warnings. So far so good, have only used the beef heart as treats Monday night a bit, and when we practice agility Chase mostly uses toy rewards. Thursday will be the big test. 🙂

  3. I fed raw religiously for 8 years. About 2 years ago, I began to have problems with my guys developing the runs, despite the fact I was feeding **HUMAN GRADE** chicken bought from the supermarket! This was about the time the exposé tape that PETA made of the chicken processing staff kicking birds around the barn was released.

    I reluctantly changed to a very high-grade premium kibble. Was disappointed with the lack of consistency in the first one I tried (Merrick), but have been quite pleased with the Timberwolf Organics product. I feed the Dakota Bison and Elk & Salmon varieties alternately. Don’t use the Fish formula, though the guys like it, because of concerns re: mercury levels (since I have breeding dogs).

    My guys are also supplemented with veggies, the occasional bones (to keep their teeth clean), and anything else I think they might need seasonally, weather-wise, etc. For their Thanksgiving treat later today, everyone will be getting 2 turkey necks (turkeys apparantly are less chemically polluted than chickens…and *where* do you think all those flocks that were implicated with Asian bird flu went to? NOT into the landfill…)

    Dog feeding is a real hot-button issue. I have taken back dogs of my breeding, who were perfect when they left my house, yet came back to me nervous wrecks because they had been inappropriately fed. The problems have always cleared up after a week or two of correct feeding.

    Some breeds are not sensitive: they can be abused almost to the point of death and not show any signs. That IS NOT true for collies. They’re like the canary in the coal mine.

    Sharon @ Caerleon

    P.S. for training treats, I REALLY like the beef or venison jerky from New Zealand. You can find them at

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