USDAA Dec 2006

Well, I went to a local USDAA trial this last weekend. Had a great time. Only went one day, Saturday, which ended up being good. Both since my back is still hurting and also because of having to clean out the bedroom of everything, vacuum, etc, for bugs, and move TVs around in preparation for the new Dish Network HD setup monday.

Anyway.. both boys did amazingly well! I kept Chase’s attention most of the time. Amazing that only about 6 weeks worth of obedience has helped so much. Either that, or I’m just learning to run him better.

And Levi nailed his weaves! I was so happy! He got the entry first time and got all 12. Woo hoo. I hope we are going to get those fixed. We are in novice (PI) in USDAA, so basically we were just practicing. But I was so pleased… maybe eventually he will get out of open in AKC. 😉

All in all it was great and we had a lot of fun. Next trial is in Jan 07.

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